The Master’s Program awards the Master’s Degree in “Tourism Management & Business Administration” with the following specializations:

1. Hotel & Travel Management

2. Tourism Destination Marketing & Management

3. Management of Special Interest Tourism

The title of the specialization chosen by each student is written on the awarded Degree.

To ensure the adequacy of the scope and depth of the Master’s Program as well as to ensure its learning outcomes and the correspondences of the Master’s Degree and its content to the latest developments in science and practice in the tourism industry, and taking into account the international experience from a similar A.E.I. abroad, the 3 aforementioned Specializations of the Program are developed, in order to anticipate new trends in time and to exploit them for the benefit of the expected tourism development.

The 3 Specializations were developed with the following main axes:

  1. the globality of knowledge, and
  2. the continuous interaction of the factors that make up the modern tourist phenomenon.