The object of this Master’s Program is the production of knowledge in the scientific field of the Tourism Management & Business Administration on the one hand and its transmission to the postgraduate students who will attend, thus providing the tourism industry with high-level executives that can satisfy the requirements of tourism businesses and organizations, but also by offering qualified human resources to public and non-governmental tourism agencies to contribute to the sustainable tourism and economic development of the country.

The aims of the Master’s Program in the Tourism Management & Business Administration are the following:

  • The deepening and promotion of knowledge in the subject of Tourism Management & Business Administration but also in related scientific areas, such as the international activity of a tourism enterprise, marketing and promotion, the management of human resources, the utilization of new technologies,
  • The promotion of theory and the development of research and applications, in individual sectors of tourism, such as: hotel and hospitality businesses, airline businesses, travel businesses, cruise and cruise businesses, the sustainable development of tourist destinations, the management of tourist destinations and the management of cultural resources and cultural tourism.
  • The specialization of the graduates of the Department and the corresponding Departments of other Institutes of Higher Education (A.E.I.) and the formation of high-level executives capable of responding to the professional field of tourism businesses, agencies and organizations.

The preparation of high-level human resources with expertise in innovation, competitiveness and extroversion of tourist businesses, organizations and times of tourist destinations, which is a necessary requirement for the stimulation and sustainable development of the Greek economy and the tourism industry as a whole.